More Fun Education developed an exciting concept, and then a unique system to support early learning and development. It is age-appropriate, scientifically-sound, developmentally-sound, and user-friendly.


The More Fun Education team believes that there are three things we can give to our children to let them feel loved and appreciated. We can give them these three things at anytime, anywhere, and best of all, they cost no money. These three magic things are attention, affection and time.


Childlike curiosity compels us to question. When we question we learn; we gain insight into the mechanics of the world. Young children approach life with an open mind, they explore, they look, they wonder. What a wonderful way to approach the pursuit of knowledge.


Children make up stories and this is a way for them to express their creativity. We should encourage this. We should encourage them further by asking ‘And then what happened?’ instead of saying “Come on, don’t be silly.’ Kindness is not just what we say, but the way we say it. Courtesy and good manners matter. We all need to be polite and show respect for one another.


Children remember little things of all kinds. We can enrich the journey by making sure they remember all the positive things rather than the little negative ones. We should also find something to celebrate each day. A loose tooth, a new friend, some new knowledge, even a smile!


Families face challenges every day. We all have our troubles and disagreements. But if we are determined to overcome these things we will! It is important to ‘stick together’ and help each other when ‘the going gets tough’.



Play and games are, and should be, experiences shared by all children every day of their lives. These experiences enable each child to become aware of his/her own environment and culture, while at the same time bring to his/her attention the richness and variety of the cultures which children in other lands and countries of the world share because of the games they play are, more often than not, his/her games too.


We all know a child who ‘marches to the beat of a different drum’ So many times parents and teachers try to make these children conform to the norm. It is like the saying ‘fitting a square peg into a round hole’. What is best is to give love and encouragement. Appreciate the unique qualities of your children and let them be the people they are.