Pricing and Enrolment Information

Enrolments with More Fun Education are for a term (normally 10 weeks) or the remaining part of the term at the time of enrolment.


Pricing depends on age group and program generally starts from a total price of $180 per student for the first 10 week term


Programs and Levels Duration Price for a term (normally 10 weeks) Enrollment fee
Mini Maestros Music Class Level 1

(6 m-24m)

30 mins 195 0
Mini Maestros Music Class Level 2 (2y-4y) 45 mins 239 0
Fun- Filled Brain-Boosting Program (all levels) 45 mins 300 50 (for new students)
EQ Managment for Children Program (3y-6y) 120 mins 600 50(for new students)
STEM Tots 45 mins 180 0
Fun Maths 60 mins 580 0
Family Fun Day Refer to specific requirements

We are happy to provide Come & Try free demo class regularly. But compared to the Free Demo class, we highly recommended the three week trials it helps to more detailed information. Places refer to the Events page.
Enrollments at any time during the school term are warm welcome.
Most of our customers approach positive outcomes. Such as confidence or group participation and language or communication development.