More Fun Story

The Whole-Brain Child methodology was originated by Dr Daniel Siegel and Dr Tina Payne Bryson, both of whom are leading experts with proven track records in brain research, psychological therapy and child education.


Working as a PhD at the Medical School of Harvard University, Daniel is also a professor in clinical practices with rich hands-on experience. Known as “the father of EQ” around the globe, he has also another title in the US – Expert on Whole-brain Education – for helping parents to achieve all-round self-improvement.


At More Fun, our curriculum is based on the whole-brain methodology by Dr Siegel.


I would like to quote some theories by Dr Siegel and share with you why your children will benefit from the whole-brain programs at More Fun.


Our brains are “soft” as you may be aware; in other words, it is mouldable, which means the physical change of our brains will constantly take place as we go about our lives. Dr Siegel believes what really moulds a brain is the “experience”. Every single experience will activate some brain cells. As times goes by, the outcome of activating neurons is the “re-wiring” in our brain.


This means how our brains work will not stay the same. Exploring and creating new paths in the brain makes one happier. It applies not only to children, but also to adults and even a mature mind. We can cultivate a robust and sound fundamental structure of one’s brain if we provide the right food and facilitate proper sleep and stimuli. Everything around us – the music we listen to, the people we love, the books we read, the training we go through, and the feelings from our experience – are all working magic in their respective ways to influence how our brains develop. Similarly, the experiences parents give our children can mould their brains so they are resilient and wholesome. Our programs are so designed that both parents and their children are learning by experiencing and sufficiently stimulating their brains to fully unleash the potential of their intelligence, so they gain abilities to make themselves and those around them happy. And this is the ultimate benefit we would like to bring to every child.


What you provide for your children now will be rewarded many folds in the future.

We are often asked by some parents why they couldn’t see much change in their children or had they really become smarter after a term or so. The truth is that a child’s brain grows at a steady pace. No matter how smart a pre-school kid is, they couldn’t possible have a brain of a 10 year-old, and that won’t change in a few years. The speed at which a brain matures is mainly determined by one’s gene; however, the process how the brain integrates can be influenced by our daily nurturing. What you expect may be different from what’s going on but they are changing in a way that you can feel deep down. Our program employs a myriad of tools to stimulate children’s cerebral cortex. And with perseverance, you are guaranteed to witness your child’s moment of sparkle in the dullest moment of a day.


Too young to retain a lasting effect?

Some parents believe it’s unnecessary to expose their children to too many activities because they can’t really remember and gain much, considering it both a waste of time and money, plus it’s tedious driving them to one class after another on a hard-earned weekend; however, this is a misconception. They are actually perceiving the world around them in a way that you may or may not understand and gathering strength of knowledge for that magical day of enlightenment. It is these experiences that create the gap between “indoorsy” kids and those who boldly go out and discover the true world.


If your child is on the quiet side, your support and encouragement for them to go exploring the world will help your child to build up their confidence and change their self-oppressive behaviours; conversely, over-protective, coddling or turning a blind eye to your child’s feeling and hustling your child into a stressful situation without any form of support would usually make a child even more inwardly locked.


  • A prominent view on early childhood development points out that the experiences parents can provide to their children have a direct impact on the growth of their brains. A child would greatly benefit from their parents who are patient, full of ideas and equipped with knowledge on early childhood development. Why not take action and give your children the opportunities to see, to touch, and to feel to open their eyes to the amazing world? It will also help your child to develop a balanced brain if we let them meet and interact with lots of people to taste different emotions in our complex world of human relationship.
  • Parents nowadays are next to supermen and superwomen. We are constantly bogged down by long hours of hard work and by the time we finally get to spend some quality time with our children, we are sometimes if not always too exhausted to come up with fresh ideas to help our child grow. At More Fun, we are your perfect solution. Come and visit us and let our dedicated professional educators open a world of fun and adventurous experiences for your child. Our programs are diverse and you child will enjoy music from all corners of the world, games that stimulate the seven senses, and guided discoveries for your child to understand themselves and the world. In addition to cultivating their imagination and encouraging them to express themselves, we will help your child to form good habits and develop a sound emotional intelligence as well as maths and logics fundamentals.


In 2017, we became a franchise of Australia’s biggest and most acclaimed music learning education agency Mini Maestros and are pleased to offer the Mini Maestros professional early music education program as one of the programs available at More Fun Education.  The Mini Maestros program was created by the leading early child development expert and musician Jennifer Fogarty (1950-2007) who incorporated the best theories and practices of the four mainstream theories of music education of the 20th century including the Orff, Dalkroze, Kodaly, and Suzuki methods. By employing a range of delightful and fun media such as music, performance, composing, multilingual instruction, instrument discovery and improvisation, we guide and facilitate your child to develop holistically to nurture their soul, foster good habits in them, and build their character, their language and interpersonal skills, and inspire creativity and performance.


In early 2018, More Fun Education was privileged to have Robert Palm, a leading Australian educator who put words to practice, to join our team as our academic consultant. Robert started his journey in education as a primary school teacher. He later became the school principal for many years before working in the department of education of the Victorian Government. During that time, he and his colleagues completed hundreds of publications, many of which are currently used by schools and kindergartens across Victoria. His daughter holds senior position in the early childhood and education department of the New Zealand government. He and his daughter always put their heads together to discuss and develop new theories and pedagogy for children, many of which are proudly implemented at More Fun.