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Course introduction Fun Math upholds the spirit of finding learning solutions based on the innovative Fun Learning approach. It helps children to stimulate their creativity, logical thinking, and analysis abilities by inducting through the specific operation of the GAME. In order to cultivate the ability to solve problems and create higher learning achievements. And helps children find the most important self-confidence in life, and thus have the competitiveness to face the challenges of the future. Course Structural principles Fun Math Classes follow “Learning by doing, Learning by playing, Learning from mistakes” three structural principles, to cultivate high-end children’s thinking ability, and let children actively fall in love with independent thinking and falling in love with mathematics. Course goals The goal of Fun Math classes is to help children to improve their mathematical ability and build confidence through process of learning. Fun Math adheres to the “logical thinking” and designs coursed based on the “numerical senses”, “quantity senses”, “shape senses”, “space senses”. The ultimate goal of Fun Math is to establish logical thinking, and to improve children’s ability to think in terms of operations, structure, and memory. Fun Math classes believe that with the establishment of a complete learning scaffold, you can start the original motivation for children to learn independently.

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