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Drama Class for Kids



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We combine a structured & fun mix of public speaking (vocal variety, vocal projection, vocal clarity, articulation, story telling, persuasive speaking & informative speaking) & practical drama (role playing, mime, script work, improvisation & expressive skills) to help students become more confident & creative communicators for life.


We have a wide range of children that come to us, from shy to outgoing children who love to be in front of an audience & everything in between.


Join Us & See The Difference!

Leading curriculum: designed by experienced professional.

Progressive learning plan: that connects to the Australian school curriculum & Naplan

Great teachers: experienced, qualified & skilled at teaching children.

Experienced: we are proven, effective & highly commended.

Great culture: fun, energetic & supportive.

Strong industry affiliations: with reputable speech & drama examination boards.

Student resources: course material provided to support learning at home.


Benefits that last a lifetime

Build creativity & quick thinking

Speak with greater clarity and expression

Develop confidence & self esteem

Build self awareness & leadership skills

Learn practical performance skills

Communicate with confidence & purpose

Learn structured public speaking skills

Overcome nervousness & build assertiveness


Bradley Fox-Leading Teacher

Musical Theatre Graduate, National Theatre Drama School

Dance Instructor, Australian Dancing Society

Experienced teacher for more than 20 years

Rehearsal director of Stageschool Australia for 10 years

Teaching artist for music, dance and drama at The Song room for 13 years

Our Main Teachers

Price : 300 $

Max Availability : 20

Location : Burwood Forest Hill