At your ELC

More Fun Education Fun- Filled Brain-Boosting Program is entirely consistent with the Early Years Learning Framework and works effectively to deliver the outcomes through an interactive play-based curriculum.

The Program is fun, play-based and dynamic, as well as being backed by science and research to make sure they offer a full suite of developmental benefits to children.

Our programs operate around Melbourne:

in child care centres

in educational facilities, and

through private teachers.


Give your centre a boost!

If you are a child care centre or an outside school hours care operator, our programs will help your centre set itself ahead of the rest by boosting your curriculum and furthering the educational and developmental outcomes that you can achieve for the children in your care.

More Fun Education teachers create a welcoming, inclusive classroom environment where children’s contributions are valued and encouraged. The lesson includes singing, dancing, storytelling and craft that capture the imagination of every child. The children quickly learn the core phrases, numbers, alphabet, colours and basic vocabulary, and explore fun topic like My Family, Animals at Home, My Body, Animals at the Zoo, Transport, Going Places and Relative Concept etc. Each module teaches 50-60 core words and phrases, sp by the end of the first year child will have learnt around 400-500 words and phrases in their new language!

Our teachers provide worthwhile, challenging experiences for children using a range of teaching strategies such as:

  • Modelling and demonstration
  • Open-ended questioning
  • Speculating
  • Explaining
  • Engaging in shared thinking and problem solving
  • Planning for intentional teaching and knowledge building


With our programs integrated into your centre, it’s a formula for success:

  • The children will benefit from an extended curriculum and enhanced educational outcomes
  • Your staff will be enthused by more variety in the curriculum and the new skills that they can learn (eg learning a language is not just for kids!)
  • Parents will see the additional value which will lead to higher levels of customer satisfaction

…which all ultimately lead to higher occupancy and enhanced profitability.


The bottom line is: our programs give your centre a boost.


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